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LaSalle provides a range of community and campus based program services to adolescents and their families designed to address significant risk issues which put their ability to sustain positive growth in jeopardy. On any given day, our programs serve over 150 youth and their families.

Residential Services provides a comprehensive therapeutic milieu, clinical and educational interventions targeting the issues which disrupted their ability to remain at home and in their community. Our residential services offer specialized residential treatment, which meets OCFS’s HTP requirements. Our specialized residential treatment program (STP) provides intensive treatment services to address the significant issues rooted in childhood trauma, mental illness, sexual abuse (victim and aggressor), chronic neglect and deprivation. Related services available as part of the individualized treatment plan for all youth in residence include:

  • Our campus school provides special and regular Educational Services for students in grades 6 through 12.
  • An OASAS licensed Chemical Dependency Treatment clinic provides services for students dealing with substance abuse and alcohol issues.
  • Intensive concurrent and aftercare family work assist with the achievement of reunification and permanency goals through our Community Connections Services.
  • Within our STP, our Problematic Sexual Behavior Treatment Services addresses the treatment needs of youth who have experienced abuse or who have sexually acted out.
  • Family-based services address barriers to the student and permanency.
  • For older youth in foster care our campus based Transitional Independent Living Program (TILP) services and our apartment based Supervised Independent Living Program (SILP) services support treatment plans which address the particular issues facing these youth.

Day Services provides educational and clinical services to students who reside in the greater Capital District, whose academic and behavioral issues have led their school district to seek an alternate setting.



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