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The time is ripe for a ‘Change in Mind’

As LaSalle joins their U.S. and Canadian peer sites to in August 2015 kick off the ‘Change in Mind’ initiative in Chicago, the Alliance for Stronger Families and Communities announced the Chronicle of Social Change’s support for the project and more about the ‘Change in Mind’ director and her vision for nonprofit service providers to take a leading role in encouraging adoption of trauma-informed practices in their communities.

“From my experience in Wisconsin, the priorities that legislators identify to pursue don’t always align with what the science is telling us,” ‘Change in Mind’ Director Jennifer Jones said. “Our role as a national agency and in the nonprofit sector is to really pursue policies that are aligned with science and continue to advocate for that in every venue we can.” Prior to her work at the Alliance, Jones served as associate director of the Wisconsin Children’s Trust Fund, where she helped to advocate for ACEs-related policy recommendations.

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