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LaSalle to participate in Alliance residential transformation cohort

LaSalle School is one of 15 residential treatment centers for youth picked by the national Alliance for Children and Families to join a residential treatment cohort called Improving Outcomes for Children. The Alliance Residential Transformation Cohort aims to provide learning and consultative resources for these Alliance member agencies as they seek to position their organizations for sustainability as effective providers of child and family behavioral health services by transitioning from placement models of residential care to models of residential-based treatment rooted in evidence-based or evidence-informed services, having a child and family-centered approach and values orientation, and fully integrating residential treatment with home- and community-based services and supports. This accelerated transformation cohort program will support change in organizational policy, practice / service philosophy, budget / financial modeling, program / service array, culture and change management, staffing / workforce, and partnerships and Community Connections. The Alliance Residential Learning Cohort is made possible through generous support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

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