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Kennedy receives national Lasallian educator award

Yesterday afternoon, to a packed house of staff, students, and LaSalle School board members, Maryann Donohue-Lynch, associate executive director for mission and ministry for the District of Eastern North America, announced that Troy Kennedy had been selected one of three individuals to receive a national 2014-15 Distinguished Lasallian Educator of the Year Award. In her remarks, Donohue-Lynch quoted from his nomination saying “The selection of Troy Kennedy for this award would serve as the recognition of an individual who in the face of many serious challenges, has persevered not only to simply survive but to grow professionally and spiritually and contribute in direct and meaningful ways to creating hope and opportunity in the lives of young people who are at great risk. His context for these contributions is Lasallian through and through.”

Mr. Kennedy was introduced to LaSalle’s program first as an adolescent in the residential program. He returned to LaSalle several years ago to work with kids who, like him, need help and guidance to learn about themselves and become strong young men. He is currently assistant to the associate executive director for the training and development of all staff teaching safe, responsible methods in the use of therapeutic crisis interventions.

In May, Kennedy was named LaSalle School’s own 2014 Lasallian Educator of the Year in recognition of his growth professionally and spiritually in his efforts to teach and lead others. Yesterday’s announcement strengthens his local achievements, and will ensure that his story of adversity, setbacks, and ultimately, success reaches and influences countless others on the national level.

In November, Kennedy will receive the formal award at the district’s annual Huether Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

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