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Congressman Tonko gets lesson in brain science

On August 19th, LaSalle staff brief Congressman Tonko on how brain science research informs youth treatment strategies.
Several youths met Congressman Tonko and took him on a guided tour of LaSalle on August 19th.

On August 19th, Congressman Paul D. Tonko came to LaSalle Albany to learn from staff just how their inroads into the study of the brain impacts how a child grows, learns, and heals. During the few hours Tonko spent at LaSalle, many students and staff eagerly welcomed him to their home. In addition to learning neurological concepts, treatment strategies, impact on a youth’s future, essential to Congressman Tonko was the chance to meet and talk with several of our boys and touring the Agency’s facilities.

Tonko’s visit comes on the heels of Regent’s Chancellor Betty Rosa’s own tour of the school, and discussion with LaSalle staff on educating youth in youth with significant difficulties in residential placement and treatment. While unrelated, both visits magnify the attention being given to providing a quality education for students of all ages and all capabilities. Read more about Chancellor Rosa’s

Heat and humidity didn’t stop Congressman Tonko from walking the LaSalle campus with staff, students on August 19th.

visit to LaSalle.


Brother Richard Leo McAlice FSC, director of LaSalle’s Christian Brothers Community, greets Congressman Tonko on August 19th.

“It was clear that the Congressman quickly realized the potential for improved outcomes in human services if funding and policy is more informed by the science related to the impact, especially in early childhood, of toxic stress and trauma,” LaSalle Executive Director Bill Wolff. “As knowledge grows and practice improves, it is assuring to know our congressman encourages this and will be supportive as the sector moves forward.”


Congressman Tonko currently represents New York State’s 20th congressional district.

LaSalle School is a leader in programs and services for youth and families in crisis offering a variety of programs designed to meet their needs including specialized residential placement, day service education, and alternative to detention services. The Counseling Center at LaSalle is an OMH and OASAS licensed outpatient behavioral health clinic located at LaSalle School, and currently implementing ACE treatment practices with youth and families. LaSalle is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA), and affiliated with the Council of Family and Child Caring Agencies (COFCCA), and the national Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. LaSalle is a member of The New York State Coalition of 853 Schools.

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