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Q: What kind of therapeutic supports and treatment services will my student receive:

A: Upon admission, each student is assigned to a Master level School Counselor and/or Social Worker to address the issues identified as leading to his placement. Individual and group sessions are based on assessments indicating individualized social-emotional and behavioral health needs of the student. Throughout placement, students work on developing various pro-social and emotional regulation skills which are needed to appropriately engage in the learning process and to more successfully function in his school & community environments;  Such services include anger management, navigating social and interpersonal relationships, improving communication, decision making skills, effective problem solving, taking responsibility for personal actions, participating in behavioral health services, and regaining momentum in his academic growth.

Q: What services does LaSalle provide to the family of a student?

A: From the very beginning, as a family member, your experiences and knowledge help lead to our understanding of the issues and concerns that were interfering with your student’s progress in school and/or his community. The family and child both participate in the goal setting process, and staff assist everyone to take a serious look at what changes are needed for him to succeed. For many students, issues outside of the school setting have led to the current situation. Family meetings, family sessions, and case conferences all provide opportunities to work together collaboratively to support each student’s progress. The LaSalle School Treatment Team works with community-based services already in place, to be sure our efforts are well-coordinated. When there is an unmet need identified, the LaSalle Treatment Team assists the family to identify resources to address such.

Q: Will my son be academically challenged if he is enrolled in LaSalle School?

A: LaSalle School is approved and certified by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to provide educational services/Regents-Level curriculum  to students in grades 6-12. Our departmentalized program has course offerings designed to meet all requirements at those grade levels. LaSalle’s students take the same statewide assessments that NYSED requires public school students to take. Our small classes, experienced teachers and well-trained Therapeutic staff provide an environment with structure, support and services students need.

Q: How long will my son attend LaSalle School?

A: Our goal is to provide treatment and therapeutic services which will prepare him to return to his home school district and community with success. Throughout a student’s placement, we continually assess his readiness to successfully transition back to his local community. We involve the student, his family and the district in those discussions. Some students are ready to return after one school year, and others take longer.

We see a student’s PERMANENCY as an urgency to which we continuously work towards starting on DAY ONE.

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