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About Us
Founded in 1854, LaSalle School is a multi-faceted human services agency.


Programs & Services
Community and campus based program services to male adolescents and their families.

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LaSalle School works with adolescent males 12-18, grades 6-12, and who are experiencing significant difficulties in their home, school, or community.

Ways to help

Ways to Help
The LaSalle School Foundation welcomes donations which supports the development of LaSalle’s therapeutic and academic programs and services.

Educational Services

The educational program offers a unique emphasis on addressing academic, social/emotional, and behavioral needs which have interfered with the student’s progress in school. A highly structured program with a success-based philosophy surrounds our students with the resources and support needed to function effectively in the classroom.


Over the last several years, staff at LaSalle School have developed a reputation for providing high quality presentations, training, and consultation to a variety of different audiences.

The ACEs and Brain Sciences Advancement Team at LaSalle was formed to respond in an organized and strategic way to the many requests that the agency and staff members receive.

Careers at LaSalle School

Here at LaSalle, we take pride in our people who share our commitment to the core values of integrity, mutual respect, fairness, and communication.

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